Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Wreath

Morning.... I had a lovely email from Balsam Hill last week asking I if I would like to receive a 24" Norway Spruce Christmas Wreath which I would then review on my blog.

Now I'm not normally the type of person that does these things, but when I clicked on the link it looked fabulous so said yes :-).  When I arrived I was delighted with the quality and realism of the wreath.  It looked stunning just pulling it out of the box!

I was really hoping to get it decorated before this post but a bad bought of tonsillitis and bronchitis has put a stop to almost everything but I will add pictures later if I get chance.  This is it proudly hanging on the entrance to my hallway!

The branches are so realistic and it it even pre-lit ... here is a little close up....

As you can see, it is a realistic wreath and the quality is amazing... I really want the matching Christmas tree for next year for sure!!

Now for the boring stuff...... You can use it both indoor and outside and the lights are powered by a battery block that is hidden easily behind the wreath whilst still being easily accessible. There are 6 spare bulbs and a tool for changing them (took me ages to figure out what it was though...)

What I really love is that the battery pack has a timer unit in it so once lit it stays on for 6 hours and then goes off for 18 hours unless you manually switch it off.

So thanks to Balsam Hill for this fab product.. I love it and hopefully next year I can get the matching tree.

Hope you all have a great Christmas.... I'm hoping to be a little bit better ....

Jen xxx


  1. A lovely wreath Jen and thanks for your review. We've looked at getting one of the wreaths as we've already got one of their Christmas trees - maybe next year!
    Kath x


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