Friday, 12 April 2013

Jen's Cat

Morning... So Al and I are huge fans of Simons' Cat ... I think this is because it reminds us very much of our other cat Jack. Jack is always hungry and he has to tell you about it... no matter what time of the day it is.. So I made this card for Al for his birthday earlier in the year and since Jack was helping me craft yesterday I thought I would show it to you...

I often show pictures of my crafty cat Levi but Jack just tends to sleep all day and not pay any interest in my crafting room.. Until lately when he found out he can actually get up onto the desk and cover most of it.  This is Jack my tuxedo cat!!

Jack and Levi are brother and sister and now 5 years old.. can't believe I have had them for so long!

That's all from me for now... I'm off to update my for sale page and I'll post a little note when I've done it!

Jen xx


  1. Aw super cute! that's both the card and your cat :)

  2. He's a handsome boy and looks a bit like my cat Custard. Love your card, I am a big fan of Simon's cat. Did you draw the cartoon????? Jo x

  3. WONDERFUL CAT... and such a funny card.. love Simon's cat, too... especially the youtube videos are great :-)
    Alex H.

  4. brilliant card jen.i love the fun image and your cat is gorgeous, we have a black and white cat too ;D

    xx coops xx

  5. Great card Jen. Love that image. He looks like a bit of an attack cat. Jack looks like a lovely cat. We used to have 2 black and white cats. Seems a long time ago now. No cats now just two big black Labrador boys!

    Kat xx

  6. Hehe... I love Simon's cat too.... he makes for a funny card :0)
    Jenny x


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