Thursday, 8 December 2016

Christmas Tradition.. The Tree is Up!

Morning All,  I am very lucky this year to be sharing my Christmas Traditions and being sponsored by Balsam Hill.

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to review a wreath from Balsam Hill.. I fell in love with the product and how realistic it looked.

When I was a kid, setting up the Christmas tree and all the decorations was never really a big thing, every year though, my Mum did let me pick a new decoration to put on the tree. By the time I left home I had a big box of complete randomness.... I still have these today but they are carefully boxed away..

Cats and Christmas trees don't always mix and after a couple of years of putting them up I was afraid that they would get ruined and, as they were the one thing I wanted to remember about Christmas as a child, I stopped using them... Instead, each year I would buy some coloured cheap baubles and put them on the tree but it was never really that Perfect Tree....  This year I get to decorate not only a stunning tree, but use some beautiful glass baubles.

The tree I received from Balsam Hill is the gorgeous Silverado. It is absolutely stunning and so realistic... I have a narrow room but with very high ceilings so this was perfect being 7' tall but slimmer at the base!

My house is very simply decorated so I kept the tree the same adding the baubles and finishing off the tree with my Angel from the box.  I thought about adding in ribbons and garlands, but I loved it so much as it was I left it.. complementing my decor perfectly!

Here is a close up of one of the hand decorated baubles...

There is one little guy that made an appearance on my mantle piece mixed in with the Balsam Hill garland I purchased before last Christmas...  I was in Stockholm last December and these were everywhere, how could I not bring one home.  It was my way of keeping up the tradition of adding a new decoration each year, even if he can't fit into the tree!

You can really see the detail on the branches on this photo and how realistic they really are...

Hope you are all decorating up your houses and creating your own traditions...

Have a great Thursday, I'll be back tomorrow with a sneak peek of something new

Jen xxxx

Note that products have been provided by Balsam Hill for this post.


  1. Gorgeous tree and loving its simplicity. I don't like overloaded trees and can't stand tinsel on them. No surprise your home is minimalist. Loe your new dec too x

  2. WOW.... loving your home & that tree is awesome.... I agree.... too much stuff doesn't always look good... your's is perfect & I LOVE the handmade baubles :) xXx

  3. You have a beautiful tree. We also have a Balsam Hill tree and decorate it with handmade decorations - either made by me or decorations we've collected from craft fairs. The trees look so realistic!
    Kath x


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