Monday, 18 March 2013


So following on from the news that Google Reader will disappear from July 1st ... I've imported all of my blogs into Bloglovin!!  If you would still like to follow me you can click the below link.  I couldn't bear having to find you all again!!!

Follow on Bloglovin

It was so easy to set up and import all the blogs I currently follow... Made it simple.  I also got the App for my iPhone... Shame it's not available for the iPad yet but fingers crossed.

Jen xxx

Update: I tried feedly but really prefer bloglovin I'm afraid.  It will all be down to personal choice but all you can do is try both


  1. I installed feedly on my iPad.... It's brilliant as I do all my blog hopping on it. See Kim's blog post about it

    Jenny x

  2. I am torn between Bloglovin and feebly too atm.! :)Viv xx


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