Sunday 29 December 2013

Craft Studio Update

Morning.. I have an update on my craft studio for you today after I spent all of yesterday having a clean, organise and re-organise of my room.... The For Sale page will be updated in the next couple of days too....

Just a quick warning in that this is a very picture heavy post.... I have tried to give you the furniture/storage I have used but if you have any questions feel free to email me 

My room is approx 2.7 metres wide by 4 metres long but there is a wardrobe in here that has household stuff in that was moved from another room so I mainly use half of the room.  I am planning on moving up into the bedroom in the loft later in the year and turning this room into the spare bedroom but then that's another project ...

As you walk in the door this is the main view....

View straight from the door forward.  This area was my work desk but since I moved the wardrobe in here I had to compromise and move some stuff around.

Onto the storage:

As well as big shot pro plates these draws hold supplies that are either extras or I do not use very often.

Furniture from Ikea:
ALEX draws

Onto my main desk.  This is made up of a glass top from Ikea on top of two of the small Expedit cubes.  The desk is a little higher that normal but I like this as I can stamp standing up.

The glass top I have is no longer available but instead you can get one called GLASHOLM with a fingerprint pattern or an egg pattern.

At one end the Expedit has two sets of the draws made to fit.  I only picked these up on Friday on my way past Ikea on way back from Doncaster.  They will make it easier that having to pick up the boxes that were originally on the shelf.  The storage boxes below are DRONA boxes from Ikea which are only £2.50 each and can fold flat if not required.

At the other end I have a space for my sewing machine which allows me to pick it up and use it on the desk quickly.  It's a children's sewing machine from John Lewis but is the same as the Janome Mini so not sure if they made them for them.

On top of my desk I have a couple of the carousels holding tools and art materials.

To the left of the side I sit are my main stamp shelves.  These are also from Ikea. They hold DVD stands (no longer available from Ikea (Gutted as I need more :-( so I will need to find something else).

My stamps, dies and 6x6 papers are all in "Small Stuff Cubby's" which I got from Storage 4 Crafts.  I love how I can pick them up and put them on the desk.  I have quite a lot of these but have always managed to get them when they had offers on.

Ribbons are in containers from Ikea by colour and are stood on the RIBBA Picture Ledge from Ikea. Below are rolls from Stampin Up as well as Stickles and Liquid Pearls.

Underneath the shelves is another ALEX unit with Stamps and other bits in and another small Expedit.  This is my printing and cutting area.

The Expedit has A4 paper at the back of the shelves with more cubbys at the front.

Behind me I have a metal board SPONTAN from Ikea with movers & shapers on as well as random bits and pieces.

To the right side of my desk I have some of the HELMER draw units.  I have a total of 4 of these.  There are two behind the trolley with printer paper, promarker card and punches in.
These two hold my little embellishments and have to have at hand tools.

Inside the left hand side draws are a set of these ... I picked them up really cheap and they fit perfectly.

To the side of the Helmer draws is my RASKOG trolley.  I picked this up the day they came out at Ikea (A friend used to work there) and then they were out of stock for ages.  This holds my cuttle bug, small embellishments and bits and bobs at the bottom.

The top holds my Stampin Up Markers and Distress Markers in Really Useful Boxes as I take them out and about with me as well as my enveloper and Stampin Scrub.  There is also a small hougie board here.

To the right of my desk is a large EXPEDIT unit.  As the wardrobe is now in here half of this is covered but I can easily get the stuff on the bottom 8 cubby holes if needed.
The Expedit holds my Stampin Up Papers and 12x 12 papers ( the 12 by 12 paper racks came from Dawn Bibby's shop when she closed down at a bargain price of £1 each... just wish I had picked up more)
There are a couple of boxed with Gems and Twine in under the paper.
The black magazine racks hold stencils, shrinky plastic etc and can be pulled out easily.

On top of the expedit are my promarkers and inks.  I would love to have these closer to hand but for the moment they need to stay where they are.  The boxes to the left have Embossing Powder, Glitter and Washi tape in as well as cotton, ric rac and angle hair.

The ProMarker stand is from Vixx Handmade Cards although I am not sure if they still make them.

I also have ink storage from Inkylicous which has all my distress inks, memento, shadow inks and other ink pads.

So that's my craft space.  I have a photo area set up in the office at the moment as the light is better there.

Hope you like it!! I'm off to make it messy again whilst I finish off a couple of magazine commissions and some orders.  Hopefully I'll have a card to show you soon!!


  1. Jen I just love your creative space, its so organised.
    {Would love you to visit my blog and join my 130,000 Page View Give-Away. Thank you so much if you have already entered and good luck.}
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Thats a serious amount of storage you have Jen, what would we do without IKea, don't like their furniture but their storage is brill
    What a great room to play in

  3. Wow, how envious am I?! This is a great space to work. It drives me mad having to use a cupboard in the hall and having to move things out of the way to find what I want, and then carry it to the lounge table. I'm trying to think of other storage ideas so I can spread into the lounge without it looking unsightly but still thoughts at the moment. I think I may have to invest in some of those great little cubbys, they look really handy :)

    Happy New Year, Jen xx

  4. Fab creative space Jen. It must save so much time having it all in one place.I Have a gorgeous garden studio but I shut it up between Dec and March and craft in our spare bedroom. I just bring a few essentials in. Happy New year xx

  5. Thanks so much for showing us your updated space Jen, it is gorgeous! I love it xx

  6. Hi Jen, wow! your storage is amazing. You are so organised, love how everything is set out. Down side is you have made me want to have a sort out now, it could take a while though. Lovely craftroom hun. :o)

    Donna x

  7. Thanks for sharing your space -- so fun to see how everyone "lives" :)

    ps - maybe a silly question, but what is a magazine commission?

  8. Great space, I am hopefully going to be moving into my new space soon. I got a big shot for Xmas might need some advice on what plates to use with what dies....all looks a bit complicated at the moment x

  9. Wow what a fabulous craft room and you have such a lot of crafty goodies!! thank you for sharing this x

  10. Hi! Jen,hope you had a lovely Christmas and special** wishes for the New Year.
    Wow your craft space is gorgeous Jen and so much crafty stash :) really organised and looks really easy to get to everything.
    hugs Lou.xx

  11. This was a huge help. As of 17th jan a certain young man living in my home is leaving to set up his own place. His bedroom is to be a craft room for ME! There is a huge four door wardrobe which I will have for storage and Mr B said I can choose what I want. Your post was great Jen. My creative juices are flowing. I'm so excited. Watch this space...

  12. Wow... what fabulous organization! You must never see my craft space, never...

  13. Wow! This is so organised. Wish I was nearer Ikea, I love their storage.

    Kat xx

  14. WOW Jen, fab use of space. I so wish I could pull my room apart and start again...I only have a small narrow room...expedit one side and a long desk down the other side of the room.

    I love the little black and white organisers that your stamps and bits are in...Where are they from?

  15. Great crafting space. I have Ikea storage in my craft room and a desk from Storage 4 Crafts. Pictures on my blog a few posts back should you want to have a peek. I love looking at other people's crafting areas.


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