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Shopping My Stash Challenge!!

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I mentioned the other day that during March and April myself and Rachel would be challenging ourselves to shop from our own unused crafty stash and not buy new goodies for the next 60 days.... I didn't really spend anything in January as my mojo had completely disappeared but I think I made up for it in Feb with orders from SU, Simon Says Stamp, Re-stocks and Dies from Clearly Besotted, small Oyster stamps, Papertrey Ink and Winnie & Walter orders and buying the basics for Metal Stamping so when my CC bill arrived I nearly fell on the floor....

I knew I had a bit of unused stash but what I didn't realise was how bad it really was (this is only Stamps & Dies btw and excludes the SSS order as it's not yet arrived!!) I was actually fairly disgusted and embarrassed with myself when I saw how much stuff there was.. So here I am declaring my obsession.... this is the proof......

I know, I could nearly open a shop.... And this does not include the stack of Sizzix dies I am going to list for sale (on Facebook Page -  Die Cutters UK - For Sale Or Swap initially) as most of them are new alphabets!

So for the next 60 days with an exception of my budget for Clearly Besotted Orders ( neither of us can go without those!!) I need to shop from my own stash and not buy any Stamps, Dies etc etc.....

Furthermore, if I decide I really don't love any of these items.. I will be listing them for sale so make sure you check out my Items For Sale page!

I'll have a tally of how I am getting on once I have sorted them all out... Is anyone else wanting to try this challenge??? Yeah, I didn't think so!!!!


  1. I have all my unused stash in a bag next to me, so I can keep an eye on things as I go along, lol.
    I guess the good thing about only having been crafting 18 months, is that it's not had a chance to get too out of hand yet!
    Good luck with your challenge. I'd join in, but there's the Harrogate fair in a couple of weeks, and I still have to get my paws on some of the new LOTV paper pads too! ;-) x

  2. Morning Jen! This post really made me chuckle. I'd love to join you but daren't - I'm frightened at the size of the potential pile!! I'll be following your quest with interest though! Xx

  3. I understand this completely and as I`ve just walked out on my job I think it`ll be a while before I can afford any more crafty stuff. Getting withdrawal symptoms already though lol.
    Lynne xxx

  4. Good luck to both of you!! Sadly we have Ally Pally next month, so I would fail miserably! Hugs, Carol s.xx

  5. Fabulous idea once my next lawn fawn order arrives I might join you, didn't think I would be able to until you mentioned clearly besotted was exempt lol. Have fun with your "new" purchases. Hugs, Amanda x

  6. Morning Jen. My name is Jo and I am a crafting shopaholic! There, I've said it - we are all sisters in shopping hun. I'll try and join in too... if I can use the stamps that are in the post from Waltzingmouse!!! :)) Jo x

  7. I have the same problem, so had a similar idea. I will be having a "no buy" 40 days starting on Wednesday 5 March.

  8. Good luck with your sale Jen x

  9. OMG Jen you saying about your CC bill, it's a good job I do our banking. I got our bill and I didn't realise how much I've spent this month. Shocking! I made myself a promise too. I'm definitely going to have a non buying month (I struggled to refrain earlier when Stamps from Chloe was on the tv earlier with wonderful handbag stamps. Fortunately I didn't buy but I came close. Happy crafting with your 'new' stash.
    Love Lea x

  10. I too have a lot of unused stuff and I am on a mission to use it, and have spent today in the craft room....sorting not crafting.It's the piles from A to B to C scenario!! When its sorted I will have to reward myself by buying more no doubt!! Is there such a thing as a craft druggie? xx

  11. Good luck to you both. I know there's no way I could join in (for one I have to make a small SU order to meet my minimums for this quarter and my addiction to digi stamps means I just have to buy some each month - only £25 or so, but I have to have some! LOL) I have heaps of stuff I don't use because I no longer like it or it's not my style anymore but most of that is boxed up in the spare room and is not so easily accessible due to all the other rubbish piled on top! Maybe when I move and get a dedicated craft room I can do something like this as well. Hugs, Vannessa x

  12. Ok, you've made me feel a WHOLE lot better about my addiction. :0)

    Erm, I've just seen the new crafters companion stamps though. A couple new ones don't count though do they?

    It was my new year's resolution not to buy anything until I'd used at least some of my unused stuff. It lasted until 2 Jan, but in my defence they were on sale!


  13. Not that i'm terribly religious but this makes a great goal for Lent! (Ash Wednesday is this week). I've tried giving up coffee (BAD idea) and chocolate before now, tried to complete UFOs for a month, but I like this combination of restraint and productivity at the same time. Consider me a soul sister in your challenge!

  14. Just a few unused items then Jen? ;0) It is a great idea for a challenge, good luck! xx

  15. :-) you are so brave !!! :-)

    I would like to give you a challenge ,,, ink up that gorgeous super cute House Mouse stamp and join us on the House Mouse and Friends challenge,, it's anything goes, so no excuse ;-) then you can add your stamp to the 'used' pile :-)

    Lols XXXX

  16. Sounds a good idea Jen - I decided that I would not buy any crafty staff during Lent. Lets see how we both do, eh?! ;-) Lynn x

  17. You made Clearly Besotted your exception?!! Awww Jen, I think I'm going to cry lol Goodness, that is a lot of stuff, I think sometimes it's quite easy to get carried away with crafty purchases - good luck, eeeek!!

  18. haha yes i have to confess i am a craft shopaholic - you know you have over done it when you find you have bought the same set twice !! and its a clearly besotted set .Only discovered when I decided to find a better way of storing my clear stamps !!! HELPppppppppp

  19. After any craft show I keep everything I've bought out until I've used it. That way :-
    A) the pile drives me crazy as it's still out so it encourages me to use it, then, and only then do I put the item away in its proper place.
    B) it ensures I use the items I've bought.
    Ok, I will admit I sometimes don't use some items before I go to the next craft show and buy a whole new heap of stamps and dies but then they go into my ever annoying pile of wonderful new goodies.
    Addicted?! Only 1000%.
    Good luck, I admire your focus. X

  20. This is a good idea - I have just started entering challenges & that is encouraging me to explore some of my older stamps - but I should certainly take at least a month off buying new paper and card. I have boxes of them but I keep using the same plain card. So I will join you but with a focus on paper rather than stamps & will try to use my paper adventurously.
    Good luck with your self imposed challenge, Dianne

  21. We all have stash we have never used. Valerie

  22. This is hilarious! I tend to go on buying binges...but most small binges! I have had a few months where I absolutely didn't buy anything! I know I don't really need another thing to create cards, but of course I want every new thing that comes out! Good luck with your challenge!


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